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Below is a list of Discovery-series satellites, including launch dates and links to information on the satellites. If readers know of additional information, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Since all Discovery-series satellites have other names as well, launch covers and other postal items for these satellites are found under those other names.

SatelliteLaunch DateOther NameMission or DestinationType/Discipline
Discovery-11996-12-04Mars Pathfinder / Sojourner (rover)Mars landing pad and roverplanetary-exploration
Discovery-21996-02-17NEAR / ShoemakerEros (asteroid)asteroid-exploration
Discovery-31998-01-07Lunar Prospectorlunar orbiterlunar-exploration
Discovery-41999-02-07Stardust / NExTComet Wild 2cometary-exploration
Discovery-52001-08-08Genesissolar wind particlessolar-observing
Discovery-6 [failed]2002-07-03Contour [failed]comet interiorcometary-exploration
Discovery-72005-01-12Deep Impact / EPOXIComet Tempel 1cometary-exploration
Discovery-82004-08-03MESSENGERMercury orbiterplanetary-exploration
Discovery-92007-09-27DawnVesta and Ceres (asteroids)asteroid-exploration
Discovery-102009-03-07Keplersearch for planetsastronomical/telescope
Discovery-112011-09-10GRAIL-A/B / Ebb/Flowlunar gravitylunar-exploration
Discovery-122018-05-05InSightMars landerplanetary-exploration
Discovery-132021-10-16LucyJupiter trojan asteroidsasteroid-exploration
Discovery-142023-10-13PsychePsyche (asteroid)asteroid-exploration
Discovery-152029-?DAVINCI+DISCOVERY+ (Venus lander)planetary-exploration

Links to Discovery-series satellite information:

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