D-1A / Diapason satellite
Common Design Types

Below is a checklist of D-1A / Diapason satellite common design type stamps.

DetailsImages (perforated and imperforate)
D-1A / Diapason (CD122)
CountryComoro Islands
Catalog NumberC17 (Mi74)
Year of Issue1966
Catalog Number1148 (Mi1539)
Year of Issue1966
CountryFrench Polynesia
Catalog NumberC42 (Mi54)
Year of Issue1966
CountryFrench Southern and Antarctic Territories
Catalog NumberC11 (Mi35)
Year of Issue1966
CountryNew Caledonia
Catalog NumberC46 (Mi421)
Year of Issue1966
CountrySt. Pierre and Miquelon
Catalog NumberC32 (Mi415)
Year of Issue1966
CountrySomali Coast
Catalog NumberC49 (Mi381)
Year of Issue1966
CountryWallis and Futuna Islands
Catalog NumberC24 (Mi211)
Year of Issue1966

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