Celestial cachet

(all known) covers with

This page contains (all known) covers with "Celestial" cachets produced by an unknown manufacturer to mark satellite launches and other space-related events. Those covers most often include this logo.

Blue highlighting is used to identify postal items only of interest for completing this collection of covers, as they are not in the domains of primary interest for the authors.

Readers who know of additional information or images are invited to contact the authors using the e-mail addresses found at the link at the bottom of this page.

Below is a list of "Celestial" cachets on launch covers (including anniversary-of-launch covers, and launch-related event covers).

CountryCancel DateCancel LocationType of ItemNotes on Content
"Celestial" cachets
United States1965-05-12Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverBlue Scout (sub-orbital) rocket launch
United States1965-05-22Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverAtlas-D FIRE-2 (sub-orbital) rocket launch
United States1965-05-25Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverPegasus-2 launch
United States1965-05-29Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverExplorer-28 (IMP-C/IMP-3) launch
United States1965-06-03Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverGemini-4 launch
United States1965-06-03Houston TX(Sokalsky blue, and black rubber-stamp/Celestial red) cachet on coverGemini-4 launch
United States1965-07-20Cape Canaveral FL(Sokalsky red/Celestial red) cachet (but spelled "Celistial") on coverUS-ERS-17 and Vela-5/6 launch (but Telstar depicted)
United States1965-07-30Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet (but spelled "Celistial") on coverPegasus-3 launch
United States1965-08-11Cape Canaveral FL(A Celestial Cachet) cachet on coverSurveyor-SD2 launch (Atlas-Centaur mission AC-6)
United States1965-08-21Cape Canaveral FL(A Celestial Cachet) cachet on coverGemini-5 (and REP) launch
United States1965-08-25Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverOSO-C launch [failed]
United States1965-11-06Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverExplorer-29 (GEOS-1) launch
United States1965-12-12
Cape Canaveral FL
Cape Canaveral FL
(Sokalsky dark-blue/A Celestial Cachet dark-blue, and blue and black rubber-stamp) cachet (and signatures) on coverGemini-6A launch abort
Gemini-6A launch
United States1965-12-16Cape Canaveral FL(Celestial) cachet on coverPioneer-6 launch (but Pioneer-5 depicted)
United States1966-02-28Cape Canaveral FL(Sokalsky green, no logo/Celestial green/Jarrett? purple rubber-stamp) cachet (but spelled "Celistial") on coverESSA-2 launch

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