Common Design Types

Below is a checklist of Aurora common design type items, all of which were issued in 1973 for a century of Nordic postal cooperation among Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden; and in connection with the Nordic Postal Conference, Reykjavik.

DetailsImages (perforated and imperforate)
Auroras (common design)
CountryDenmarkDenmark 522Denmark 523
Catalog Numbers522-523
Year of Issue1973
CountryFinlandFinland 527Finland 528
Catalog Numbers527-528
Year of Issue1973
CountryIcelandIceland 454Iceland 455
Catalog Numbers454-455
Year of Issue1973
CountryNorwayNorway 617Norway 618
Catalog Numbers617-618
Year of Issue1973
CountrySwedenSweden 1003Sweden 1004
Catalog Numbers1003-1004
Year of Issue1973

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