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Integrated Sensor Training (IST) Professional Development Series

Unit 6: Using Satellite Data and Products

Instructional Component 6.2.7

Fog Detection and Analysis with Satellite Data

Gary Ellrod (Office of Research and Applications NOAA/NESDIS)

1) Introduction

    The objective of this session is to better understand and utilize techniques for the detection and analysis of fog and low clouds using data from GOES and other satellites. The lesson will emphasize nighttime detection by means of a bi-spectral (11-3.9 mm) IR image product, but will also address daytime techniques using visible, near-Infrared, and shortwave IR channels. Experimental products such as fog depth and low cloud base height will be discussed, along with additional satellite products useful in the prediction of fog formation.

2) Prerequisites

3) Teletraining Installation Instructions

4) Training Session Options:

    A.) The interactive VISITview training session. (To be used with a VISIT instructor leading the session ). Click here to signup for teletraining. The session will last 75 minutes. This teletraining session uses the VISITview software, where Windows PC (with 64 MB RAM or greater) with an Internet connection is needed.

    B.) Web-based training session - a "stand alone" version viewed via a Web browser, with embedded talking points included. This lesson version may be viewed at any time. These slides are ideal for printing from the web-browser, just print preview first to choose portrait or landscape mode. Best viewed with Internet Explorer or Netscape (prior to version 6).

    C.) Web-based Visitview session - This version uses the VISITview software within a Web browser, may be viewed at any time. It retains all the functionality of the VISITview software which you see in a "live" teletraining session. The talking points are not included in this lesson version, but can be viewed in a separate Web browser (or printed out beforehand).

    D.) local Visitview session - This is the same version of the lesson used in a "live" VISITview teletraining session, but no connection is made to an external VISITview server. You may download the file off this page and go through the lesson on your own in "local mode" by starting the "visitlocal.bat" file. Talking points are not included in this lesson version, but can be viewed in a separate Web browser ( or printed out beforehand).

5) References/Additional Links

6) Train the trainer

    Talking points - these may be used by local offices in tandem with the visitview training session (run in local mode - "visitlocal.bat"). The talking points may be printed out to easily review the session in detail at any time. The web page version contains talking points embedded in each slide (useful for printing).

    The talking points may be downloaded as a PDF document

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