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Use of GOES RSO imagery with other Remote Sensor Data for Diagnosing Severe Weather across the CONUS (RSO 3)

Dan Bikos, John Weaver, Dan Lindsey and Jim Purdom

Other Contributors: Dolores Kiessling (COMET), Jaime Daniels (NESDIS/ORA), CIMSS, WDTD, eastern and southern region HQ, and personnel from the following WFO's - BOI, PUB, RNK, PBZ, SGF, ILN


This is the third in a series of VISIT teletraining sessions on GOES Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) Imagery. The first session is titled Using GOES Rapid Scan Operations (RSO) Imagery in AWIPS and concentrated on what RSO is and how to call it. The second session is titled Mesoanalysis of convective weather using GOES RSO imagery and concentrated on incorporating satellite data in the short-range forecast, nowcasting, and warning decision making processes.

The teletraining session consists of two parts. Both parts must be completed to get a certificate of completion as there are different points made in each part. Both parts 1 and 2 are contained in the same file. Each part takes about 75 minutes to complete. The Web-based video / audio playback versions take about 130 minutes.



This is an intermediate course.

Mesoanalysis RSO is a prerequisite (the audio playback version is available if you have not taken the teletraining). Also, it is strongly recommended that you go through Lightning Meteorology I and Lightning Meteorology II if you have not taken the teletraining for these sessions (the audio playback version is available).

Training Session Options

NOAA/NWS students - to begin the training, use the web-based video, YouTube video, or audio playback options below (if present for this session). Certificates of completion for NOAA/NWS employees can be obtained by accessing the session via the Commerce Learn Center

  1. Audio playback (recommended for low-bandwidth users) - This is an audio playback version in the form of a downloadable VISITview and can be taken at anytime.

    Create a directory to download the audio playback file (231 MB) from the following link:

    After extracting the files into that directory click on either the visitplay.bat or visitauto.bat file to start the lesson. If both files are present, use visitauto.bat

  2. Live VISIT teletraining (with an instructor leading the session). Check the VISIT Training Calendar to signup for teletraining. The session will last 130 minutes. This teletraining session uses the VISITview software, where a Windows PC with an Internet connection is needed.

    Please follow the teletraining installation instructions to install the session

  3. iTunes U Course - You may take this course on your iPad (or iPhone) via iTunes U. From your iTunes, enter the enrollment code: FHE-ZVK-5SC

    or open this link from your iPad (or iPhone):

  4. YouTube video:

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