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Lake-Effect Snow 2

Dan Bikos and John Weaver


This is a more advanced session designed to build on the first VISIT Lake-Effect Snow 1 teletraining.
This training session was developed in 2002 and is now retired, however it can still be found below under the "References/Additional Links" section (see "Old version (2002)"). We retained the section on lake-aggregate effects for the current version since the principles can be readily applied today.

The topics covered will include:


This is an advanced course.

If you are not familiar with the basics of lake-effect snow please review the recorded audio version of the introductory VISIT Lake-Effect Snow 1 training session on your own.

Training Session Options

NOAA/NWS students - to begin the training, use the web-based video, YouTube video, or audio playback options below (if present for this session). Certificates of completion for NOAA/NWS employees can be obtained by accessing the session via the Commerce Learn Center

  1. YouTube video:

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