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CONUS CG Lightning

Bard Zajac and Steve Rutledge

with contributions from Anthony Mostek, Dan Bikos and Brian Motta


CONUS CG Lightning examines lightning detection and lightning climatologies in the contiguous United States (CONUS). The broad objective of this teletraining course is to relate the climatology of cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning to forecaster knowledge of convection and thunderstorms.

Specific course objectives are:


This is a basic course. There are no prerequisites.

Training Session Options

  1. VISITview playback without Audio - You may step through the VISITview file on your own to view the presentation. If talking points are available, you may use these in tandem with going through the slides.

    Create a directory to download the playback file from the following site:

    After extracting the files into that directory click on the visitlocal.bat file to start the lesson. Advance slides on your own using the navigation controls (i.e., the Next button will advance to the next slide)

References/Additional Links

This section contains

  1. the main reference for this teletraining course,
  2. the main reference for the National Lightning Detection Network,
  3. a comprehensive listing of national and regional lightning climatologies.

This teletraining course is based on the following article:

The National Lightning Detection Network is described in:

Published national studies of lightning climatology include:

Published regional studies of lightning climatology include:

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