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These are links for the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Short Course: Experiencing (JPSS) Capabilities (Seattle, WA, 21 January 2017)

JPSS Short Course Web-Links

**All times are Pacific Standard Time (PST)**

JPSS Introduction

08:00AM: Introduction of JPSS Program (Mitch Goldberg)

08:20AM: Introduction of JPSS Instrumentation and SDR (Fuzhong Weng / Xiaolei Zou)

08:45AM: Introduction of JPSS EDR (Lihang Zhou)

09:10AM: Hands-On Activity: Using ICVS demo to monitor JPSS SDR/EDR status (Lori Brown / Ninghai Sun)

09:30AM: Break

Demonstration of Methods for Accessing JPSS Products (Direct Broadcast and CLASS)

09:45AM: Accessing and using JPSS Data and products in real time (Kathy Strabala)

10:00AM: NOAA Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) (Jorel Torres)

JPSS Cryosphere Products

10:15AM: Overview of JPSS Cryosphere Products (Jeff Key)

10:45AM: Hands-On Activity: using JPSS ice products (Jeff Key)

JPSS Fire and Smoke Products

11:15AM: Overview of JPSS Fire and Smoke Products and Data Access (Amy Huff / Evan Ellicott / Ivan Csiszar / Shobha Kondragunta)

11:45AM: Hands-On Exercise: using JPSS fire and smoke products to analyze a recent fire (Amy Huff / Evan Ellicott / Ivan Csiszar / Shobha Kondragunta)

12:30PM: Lunch

Demonstration of RealEarth and Satellite Blog Used at CIMSS

12:45PM: Demonstration of RealEarth (Dave Santek / Nick Bearson)

01:00PM: Demonstration of CIMSS Satellite Blog (Dave Santek / Nick Bearson)

01:15PM: Break

JPSS NUCAPS Products to Characterize the Pre-Convective Environment

01:30PM: Description of NUCAPS and overview of capabilities (Dan Nietfeld)

02:00PM: Using NUCAPS to predict severe weather environments (Dan Nietfeld)

02:45PM: Break

JPSS Tropical Cyclone (TC) Products

03:15PM: Introduction to JPSS Products used in TC analysis (Galina Chirokova)

03:20PM: Overview of application of JPSS products to TC analyses and forecasts (Galina Chirokova)

03:45PM: Hands-On Activity: How do JPSS products improve TC forecasts? (Andrea Schumacher / Emily Berndt)

JPSS Training Resources from COMET/MetEd

04:30PM: From the in-person workshop to the every-day use component: distance learning materials to help bridge the gap (Amy Stevermer / Patrick Dills)

04:35PM: Demonstration of JPSS resources on MetEd (Amy Stevermer / Patrick Dills)

05:00PM: Q & A. Short Course evaluations and participant feedback

05:30PM: End of Short Course

Training Resources