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Hurricane Harvey

Just a few days after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas, Harvey has downgraded to a Tropical Storm, however it is still bringing torrential rainfall and massive flooding to southeast Texas and Louisiana. To recap, Hurricane Harvey made late-night … Continue reading

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Fires in Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest (PNW), that is, the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana are experiencing a significant heat wave right now. Air temperatures are scorching hot, with temperatures in the high 90’s and low 100’s. An amplified upper-level … Continue reading

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California (Alamo Fire)

The state of California had sufficient moisture over the winter where the Sierra Nevada Mountains tabulated┬árecord amounts of snowfall. However, as we have transitioned into the summer months of 2017, fires have been initiated in the southern and southwestern parts … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Beatriz

Yesterday evening, Thursday, 1 June 2017, Tropical Storm Beatriz made landfall in southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. The tropical storm brought heavy rains, flooding and mudslides to the area, resulting in 2 deaths as of Friday, 2 June 2017. Once … Continue reading

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