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Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone Enawo

Madagascar! A small country located in Africa, just east of Mozambique was hit by Tropical Cyclone Enawo making landfall today, 7 March 2017. Right before landfall the tropical cyclone was near ‘Category 4 status’ with winds approximately 145 mph. It was the strongest … Continue reading

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7-8 February 2017, New Orleans Power Outage

After a series of tornadoes ripped through southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi on 7 February 2017, a power outage occurred in eastern New Orleans affecting 10,000 plus people. Below is a screenshot of the affected areas: the red lines imply the … Continue reading

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More Precipitation for the West Coast, 3 February 2017

Who would have thought that the West Coast would get more precipitation? In a series of atmospheric river events that pummeled the West Coast a few weeks ago, another synoptic-scale precipitation event approaches….yet again. As of this morning, parts of Washington, … Continue reading

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Post Atmospheric River Events in California, 011317

As we all know there were two atmospheric river events that occurred in California in the past week and a half. Both atmospheric river events dumped large amounts of precipitation and snow to the state of California. There was a … Continue reading

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