Undular bore in the Split Window Difference Product

The GOES-16 data posted on this page are preliminary, non-operational data and are undergoing testing.  Users bear all responsibility for inspecting the data prior to use and for the manner in which the data are utilized.

By Louie Grasso and Dan Lindsey

On the morning of 30 June 2017, an undular bore is observed in north Texas.  The clouds associated with the undular bore can be seen on the GOES-16 visible (0.64 micron) band.  The GOES-16 Split Window Difference (10.3 – 12.3 micron) product adds additional information.  The undular bore is observed to exist further west of where clouds associated with the undular bore (in clear skies) are located.  We observe this feature in the split window difference due to local maxima in water vapor depth along the “crests” of the undular bore.


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