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Synoptic-scale Analysis Using 10.7 µm Imagery

The following loop contains GOES-8 imagery at 10.7 µm over the same mid-latitude cyclone as previously discussed with the GOES channel 3 (6.7 µm) imagery. Like the channel 3 example, this loop also shows both the characteristic comma shape and the cold, high clouds associated with the system. But because 10.7 µm imagery also reveals surface and low-level flows, and since the 6.7 µm channel is sensitive to upper-level water vapor, the two channels each depict atmospheric information that the other cannot. In particular, note that the 10.7 µm channel shows the low-level clouds over NY, PA, and Quebec. These clouds are not seen at 6.7 µm, as they are low-level features. This is a good example of using the best of information from more than one of the GOES Imager's uniquely wavelength-sensitized channels in analyzing a particular environmental condition.

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