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Using Rapid Scan or Super Rapid Scan Visible Imagery, Part II

Several 30-second interval SRSO datasets have been collected. Imagery taken at 30-second intervals is restricted to very small areas, or sectors. For example, a 30-second sector, centered over the central U.S., covers about 10 degrees north-to-south in latitude, by about 15 degrees east-to-west in longitude. Research shows that, when looking at events taking place at the scale of a thunderstorm, important changes can occur within one or two minutes.

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This loop presents 30-second interval Visible imagery from GOES-8, focusing on thunderstorms in extreme eastern CO and western KS. Note the rapid changes in individual cloud appearance, and changes in the nearby cumulus fields that occur from image-to-image. Also notice the feature that appears within one minute, twenty-five seconds (00:01:25) on the southeast flank of the western-most storm complex (last two frames). This is a low-level stratocumulus shield associated with a thunderstorm outflow boundary. Wind gusts of 70 mph were reported at the ground at this time.

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