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SHyMet: Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting - Introduction

The Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting track of the Satellite Hydrology and Meteorology (SHyMet) Course covers how to integrate satellite imagery interpretation with other datasets in analyzing severe thunderstorm events. The first three sessions focus on integrating GOES imagery with other datasets in analyzing the pre-storm environment, and the changing near-storm environment during the nowcasting period. Synthetic satellite imagery is the focus of one of the training sessions as it offers a unique, integrated way to visualize model output and shows good potential as a forecasting tool. A session on predicting supercell motion is also offered since the primary focus of the course is on environments favorable for supercells, however there are other convective modes discussed. Severe thunderstorm satellite signatures are discussed in multiple training sessions. Satellite products for severe weather forecasting are addressed as well. This course is administered through web-based instruction and consists of 7 modules (8 hours) of core topics and 8 modules (4 hours) of optional topics. Course completion consists of taking all of the core modules followed by 3 or more optional modules, however you may take all of the modules if you wish.

If you wish to register for the course, send an email to:
nws.oaa.clo.shymet AT
In the email, be sure to include your name and your office (site ID).

After you've registered via email, we will reply to you with setup instructions on how to signup for this course which will be delivered through the E-Learning Management System (LMS). After taking all of the lessons, we will mail you a signed SHyMet course completion certificate.