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RAMMB: Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch logo CIRA: Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere logo NESDIS: NOAA Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service logo

Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch Personnel


Member Area(s) of Expertise Phone (970) 491- e-mail
Hillger, Don Branch Chief / Instrument Calib. & Valid./Soundings 8498
Knaff, John Tropical Cyclones 8881
Lindsey, Dan Severe Weather 8773
Molenar, Debra Computer Support & Planning 8447
Line, Bill NOAA Physical Scientist PHONE TBD
Slocum, Chris NOAA Physical Scientist 2409

CIRA Employees

Member CIRA Title Phone (970) 491- e-mail
Bikos, Dan Research Associate 3777
Brummer, Renate Program Manager 303-494-2431
Chirokova, Galina Research Scientist 8522
Combs, Cindy Research Associate 8482
Connell, Bernie Research Associate 8669
Dagg, Erin Research Associate 8689

DeMaria, Robert Computer Support 8446
Dostalek, Jack Research Scientist 8326
Finley, Steve IT Specialist 8956
Fryer, Kathy Research Coordinator 8405
Gosden, Hiro Research Associate 8569
Grasso, Lewis Research Scientist 8380
Micke, Kevin Research Associate 8222
Miller, Steve CIRA Deputy Director / Senior Research Scientist 8037
Musgrave, Kate Research Scientist 8844
Noh, Yoo-Jeong Research Scientist 8907
Seaman, Curtis Research Scientist 2560
Schumacher, Andrea Research Associate 8057
Szoke, Ed Research Associate 3777
Torres, Jorel Research Associate 8366
Tourville, Natalie IT Specialist 8622
Watson, Dave Research Associate 8470
Zupanski, Milija Senior Research Scientist 8298

CIRA Hourly Employees

Employee Supervisor e-mail
DeMaria, Greg Renate Brummer
Goodwin, Colleen Jack Dostalek
Granger-Frye, Isabelle Dan Bikos
Knaff, Rachel Jack Dostalek
Pillard, Julia Galina Chirokova
Zehr, Ray Renate Brummer