S-NPP is being used to develop a number of applications for analysis of tropical cyclones under support from the JPSS-Risk Reduction/Proving Ground program. The CIRA project includes an automated center fix and current maximum wind estimation algorithm using ATMS temperature and moisture retrievals and VIIRS imagery and a method to estimate the maximum potential intensity (MPI) using ATMS retrievals from the storm environment. For these application, VIIRS IR (11.4 micrometer), visible and day/night band data are being used in conjunction with MIRS retrievals from ATMS. The MIRS temperature and moisture retrievals in the storm environment are used as input to the MPI formula described by Bister and Emanuel (2003). The MIRS retrievals are also being used as input to the hydrostatic and nonlinear balance equations for the current intensity and center fix algorithms. This web page shows examples of VIIRS imagery and low level pressure fields derived from the MIRS retrievals that are being used for algorithm development.