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RAMMB: Regional and Mesoscale Meteorology Branch logo CIRA: Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere logo NESDIS: NOAA Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service logo

Tropical Cyclones

The main objectives of RAMMB research on hurricanes and tropical cyclones are to improve our understanding through an observational approach, and to develop and test satellite products for hurricane analysis and forecasting. Previous research has emphasized tropical cyclone formation and intensity changes. Ongoing research projects are investigating vertical wind shear influences on intensity change and detailed wind and structure analyses using GOES rapid interval imagery. GOES Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) have been requested, and the multi-spectral 1-minute interval imagery have been archived over a wide variety of hurricanes and tropical storms. The SRSO data sets are being analyzed along with aircraft observations, to provide new insight into hurricane intensity changes and three-dimensional wind and pressure patterns.

A unique workstation for ingesting, analyzing and archiving special tropical cyclone datasets has been developed. Based on CIRA-RAMMB's RAMSDIS, it is referred to as the Tropical RAMSDIS.

The CIRA-RAMM Branch is currently involved in the following tropical cyclone project(s):

The CIRA Tropical Cyclone IR Image Archive