Since 1997, NOAA/NESDIS has sponsored a multi-year demonstration of the production and the use of RADARSAT-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) quantitative and qualitative products in a pre-operational environment. In this project the emphasis is on obtaining hurricane images from multiple SARs during the past few years, including RADARSAT-1 and ENVISAT SAR. In the wider NESDIS project, the SAR data is being used in both quantitative and qualitative ways, including the development of wind retrieval algorithms and assimilation into numerical models. The CIRA/RAMMB contribution to the project is to obtain individual SAR images and then compare these to other more commonly used remotely sensed information from tropical cyclones included infrared, visible and microwave satellite imagery, and surface wind analyses. The comparison will aid in the interpretation of SAR images of tropical cyclones.