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RAMM Advanced Meteorological Satellite Demonstration and Interpretation System

As of 3/31/03, RAMSDIS-OS2 workstations are no longer supported. RAMSDIS software has been upgraded to incorporate McIDAS-X 2002b running on Windows 2000. Current hardware utilizes 686+ PCs. The new workstations have a GUI menu and can support more than 500 display frames (depending on memory).Click here for a list of standard RAMSDIS ingest products and applications.

RAMSDIS on RedHat Linux 9.0 is currently in testing phase, and will be available for release in the fall of 2003.

RAMSDIS Project History

The RAMSDIS project was initiated in 1994. At that time, the project goal was to disseminate real-time, high quality, digital GOES data to select National Weather Service Forecast Offices (NWSFOs) via a powerful, low-cost, PC-based workstation for use in advanced satellite data display and analysis. The project, part of the GOES-I/M quality assurance plan, was designed to

RAMSDIS workstations were utilized in over half of the NWSFOs from 1995-1999.With full deployment of NOAAPORT and AWIPS in 1999, the low cost RAMSDIS workstations were transitioned to international programs such as the Brazil Fires Project, the Hurricane Mitch Relief Effort, the WMO Regional Meteorological Training Centers program, and to various NOAA Labs, NWSFOs and universities for joint research projects.

The workstation is based on the University of Wisconsin Space Science and Engineering Center McIDAS software, with automatic product ingest, display and analysis applications developed by the RAMM Team. Research RAMSDIS workstations at CIRA are utilized to demonstrate new and experimental products. Real-time products from these workstations can be found at RAMSDIS Online.

Project Contributors include:

Hiro Gosden (CIRA), Dave Watson (CIRA), Debra Molenar (RAMM), Kevin Schrab (NWS), James F. W. Purdom (RAMM), Tom Whittaker (SSEC), Todd Smith (SSEC)

Questions and comments should be referred to Debra Molenar at


Molenar, Debra A., Schrab, Kevin J., Purdom, James F. W. 2000: RAMSDIS Contributions to NOAA Satellite Data Utilization. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society: Vol. 81, No. 5, pp. 1019-1030. pdf.

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