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Type of Item Acronyms
(and Cachet Manufacturers)

Below is an explanation of Standard acronyms, initialisms, or abbreviations related to stamps, sheets, covers, and cards, as well as Cachet and cinderella manufacturers, as used in the Type of Item column of many tables on this Website.

Sections/divisions of the tables below
Standard acronyms: Stamps, sheets, covers, and cards
Cachet and cinderella manufacturer names or logos and acronyms
Definitions of 'front/back' and 'label/tab'

Acronym, Initialism, or AbbreviationType of Item
Standard acronyms: Stamps, sheets, covers, and cards
BEP(USA) Bureau of Engraving and Printing
CDTCommon Design Type
DCPDigital Color Printing
FDCFirst Day Cover
FDOIFirst Day Of Issue
FDOSFirst Day Of Sale
IRCInternational Reply Coupon
LDOILast Day Of Issue
MS#*Miniature Sheet*, where # (≥2) = number of stamps in the strip or sheet (less any labels); and the numbers in parentheses are the catalog numbers of the stamps in the sheet
PHQ(British) Postal HeadQuarters
PPOPrinted to Private Order
PTTPostal Telegraph and Telephone
QSLA written confirmation, meaning, either "do you confirm receipt of my transmission", or "I confirm receipt of your transmission". QSL is not an acronym but is one of the many three-letter Q-codes used in radio-communication.
SDCSecond Day Cover
SDOISecond Day Of Issue
SNVSample No Value
SS1*Souvenir Sheet* of 1 (one) stamp

*The use of "souvenir sheet" and "miniature sheet" are arbitrary, with "sheet" being the key word.

Name or Logo1Acronym2
Cachet and cinderella manufacturer names or logos and acronyms
3 Muskateers
Astronautika Annaalid / TKK (Tartuski Klub Kollektsionerov)AA / TKK
AALL (????) Stamps & Collectibles (Milltown NJ)AALL
Aero philatelic Federation of the AmericasAFA
ALA (???)ALA
All Star Cachets
(radio) AMateur SATellite corporationAMSAT
American First Day Cover SocietyAFDCS
American Philatelic SocietyAPS
American Radio Relay LeagueARRL
American Space Cover SocietyASCS / A.S.C.S.
American Stamp Dealers AssociationASDA
American Topical AssociationATA
American Topical Association (ATA) Space Satellite Unit
Andrews CachetAC
Andromeda Cover no. [numbered] / Andromeda Space Covers [see also Cygnus and Riser]A
Anklam / W Anklam / Wolfgang Anklam [orientation may vary]
Aquila Associates Cachets
ARIzona Philatelic EXposition (Mesa AZ)Aripex
Aristocrat Cachets / The Aristocrats
Ardee Covers
ArtCraft (The Washington Press, Florham Park NJ; or Washington Stamp Exchange)
Artmaster / Artmaster
Artopages (Clay Center OH)
Association of Essex Philatelic Societies (http://www.stampessex.org.uk/)AEPS
Association européenne de la Philatélie spatiale / European Space Philatelic Association / ESPA coverAEPS/ESPA
Asociación ? de FilateliaALFIL
Asociación Nacional de Filatelia y Numismática de EspañaANFIL
Association philatélique du CNES
Association Philatélique du C.E. SAFRAN (Société de l'Aéronautique de la France?, formed in 2005 by a merger of SNECMA and SAGEM (Société d'Applications Générales de l'Électricité et de la Mécanique))SAFRAN
Association Philatélique du C.E. SPS (SNECMA Propulsion Solide)SPS
(Association Philatélique du) C.E. SNECMA (Société Nationale d'Étude et de Construction de Moteurs d'Aviation)SNECMA
Astro Covers
Astro Documenta [numbered]
Bazaar / Bazaar / Bazaar [numbered]
Beckman Employees Philatelic Society (Fullerton CA)
BECKman employees Philatelic (Society) EXposition (Fullerton CA)Beckpex
Benham / Benham (High Street, Hythe, Kent / Folkestone, Kent BLCS267b)
Beverly Hills Philatelic Society (APS chapter no.104, Chicago IL)
Barry and Gerry CoversBGC
Bi-Color Craft American history series
Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (German Ministry of Research and Technology)BMFT
Bobby G (FD Covers, Plainfield NJ)
Bochum Observatory Institute for Space Research
(Alfred) Boerger / Boerger / AB Covers / AB Covers / Boerger / Boerger / ABC / ABC Cachets / AB Cachet (Toledo OH)AB / ABC
Brad and Dave (Silcox) (Shillington PA)B&D
Brasil Cover
Briefmarkenhaus Göde
Brookman Limited Edition
Butler Publications
C-Cubed Cachets / C-Cubed Cachets
Cachet Craft Cachets / Cachet Craft Cover Service (Framingham MA)
CALhoun COunty (SC, Stamp Club) Philatelic EXpositionCalcopex
CAnadian international Philatelic EXhibitionCAPEX
Capitol Cachets
Capitolium / Capitolium / Capitolium / Capitolium
Carlos Altgelt
Carol Gordon CachetsCG
Carole Murry
Cartier Cachet
Communications Authority of Thailand_Telecom / CAT_TelecomCAT
Éditions philatéliques CEF (Nice, France) / La Philatélie Artistique CEFCEF
???CEH (?)
Centennial Covers (Edward Hacker, Huntsville AL) [no logo on most covers] / Centennial Covers
Centre Spatial Guyanais / Centre Spatial GuyanaisCSG
CENtral? CO??? Philatelic EXposition (Santa Maria CA)Cencopex
Círculo Filatélico de Liniers (Liniers Philatelic Club, Argentina)CFL
Círculo Filatélico de Montevideo (Montevideo Philatelic Club, Uruguay)CFM
CHAMplain valley (VT) Philatelic EXpositionChampex
Chickering/Cachet Craft
CISCO / Fydo "Eyewitness to Space" Cover no. [numbered]
CL Cachets
Consortium Industrial Franco-Allemande pour le satellite SymphonieCIFAS
Chambre syndicale française des Négociants et Experts en Philatélie (French Stamp Dealers Association)CNEP
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (France)CNES
COntra costa - ALameda Philatelic EXhibition (Walnut Creek CA) Philatelic EXpositionCoalpex
Cole Cover (Robert Cole, Ottawa, Canada)
Collectors Club of Seattle
Colorano "Silk" Cachet (Paul Schmid, Huntington NY) / R&R Colorano "Silk" Cachet
COMbined (Chicagoland) Philatelic EXpositionCompex
Colonial Cachet / Colonial Cachet / Colonial Cachet
Congress of Racial Equality (New York NY)
Cotswold Covers / Cotswold Covers
CoverCraft (PO Box 713 London SE19 2HH England)
Club Philatélique de KourouCPK
CW Ray
Cygnus Cover no. [numbered, orientation may vary] [see also Andromeda and Riser]
D. Saffer
D-? D-?DD
D-? E-?DE
D.W. Knapp/Fleetwood
Danny Lee
Day Lowry
Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (German Research and Development Institute for Air and Space Travel)DFVLR
??? (Rockledge FL)DLF / DLF
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.DLR
Don Davis
Doris Gold
? Rich Chase (Waterloo IA) / various artists / DRC CachetsDRC
R. DuBeau (Ray DuBeau, Elmhurst IL)
EADS Astrium
Ediciones C.F.U. (Club Filatélico del Uruguay)
Éditions Bourgogne / Éditions Bourgogne (Les Laumes, France) / Éditions Bourgogne (Dijon, France)
Éditions So.Ge.Im. (Société de Gestion et d'Impression, ville de Clamart, France)
Éditions U.Des.Co (Éditions Union des Collectionneurs)
Edsel / Edsel / Edsel / Edsel Masonic
Edwin J. Isler (multi-color sticker cachets)
Emirates Post
EntwicklungsRing NOrd (German aerospace company)ERNO
European Space AgencyESA
ESA Space Operations Centre / European Space Operations CenterESOC
ESTEC (European Space research and TEchnology Centre) Philatelic Club / ESTEC (European Space research and TEchnology Centre) Philatelic Club
European Space Research Organization (now merged into ESA)ESRO
ETABO / ETABO (ErstTAgsbriefBOnn (First Day Covers Bonn))ETABO
Exposición Filatélica Internacional de MéxicoEFIMEX
Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y TimbreFNMT
F.R. Ferryman
Fidelity ?F. S. / F.S.
Fidelity ? ?FSC
FIrst DAy COverS / FIrst DAy COverS (started by Paul-Heinz Mädler in 1952, continued by his partner Oscar Anhut in 1981, West Germany)FIDACOS
Filagrano / Filagrano / Filagrano / Filagrano / Filagrano / Filagrano Gold / Filagrano Gold / Filagrano and A. Frailich
Filagrano Sintoni / Filagrano SintoniS (in center)
Folio-print / Folio-print (German)
Fédération des Organisations Sociales des P.T.T. (unclear what the "06" means)FOS06
Éditions J.F. / Éditions J.F. / Éditions J.F. / Éditions J.F. / Éditions philatéliques Jean Farcigny (France) / Éditions philatéliques_Jean Farcigny fdc black with J.F.'FDC' / 'FDC'
Filitalia [numbered]
First Rank (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
Geo(rge) Fisher
Fleetwood / Fleetwood / Fleetwood
H. Flick Stamps & Covers / H. Flick Stamps & Covers (Portland OR)
FLORida philatelic EXpositionFlorex
Fluegel Cover / Fluegel Covers / Fluegel Covers
Foghs kuvert
Fort Myers Florida (local post)FMF
Frank Ellis Cachets / Frank Ellis CachetsFCE
Frimaerke Nyt
(Ms) Gerry Adlman + MMGAMM
C. George
Gesellschaft für Weltraumforschung (now DLR)GFW
Gill Craft
Ginza Watanabe Inc.
Glen Cachet / Glen Cachet
Gold International Cover
Goldberg / Bernard Goldberg
Goldcraft Cachets / Goldcraft Cachets / Goldcraft Cachet (George Goldey, Canton TX)
The Golden Series
GPO Hong Kong
Great Aviators Covers
Great Pictures Covers no. [numbered]
Greenland Post Office
Goddard Space Flight Center Stamp Club / GSFC Stamp Club) (John Webster, NASA, Greenbelt MD)GSFC
German Space Operations CenterGSOC
GULF coast stamp club (Biloxi MS) Philatelic EXpositionGulfpex
Ham / Ham (Lois Hamilton)
Hans J. MuellerHJM
Harford (for Fred Harford of Ottawa by Robert Cole)
Harris Cachet
Harry A. Gordon
HDW/American Air Mail Society [numbered]HDW/AAMS
H.E. Harris and Co. Inc.
Herberts Apse (Latvia)
Herman Maul
Hermann E. Sieger / Hermann E. Sieger / Hermann E. Sieger GmbH (Lorch/Württemberg, Germany)
Highway Stamp Club (Revere MA)
Historical Space Cover
Historiaphil (HISTORIcAl PHILatelic)
Hobby Link / Hobby Link Limited EditionHL
Hobo Art Cachet
(Ted R.) Holden (Oakhurst CA)
House of FarnumHF
Howard FarleyH F
HUNTSville (AL) Philatelic EXpositionHuntspex
? and ? (designed by Hearl Grasiadei)H&E
International Association of Space Philatelists [numbered] (Yonkers NY) [see also Zaso]IASP
Indonesia Post / Sampul Hari Pertama [numbered]SHP
INTERnational Philatelic EXposition (New York NY?)Interpex
International Stamp Collectors Society
InterSpace Cover [see also Space Voyage] (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
??? (T. Palmer)IPM
(Harry) Ioor
Israel Space Stamp Collectors Society / Space Stamp Collectors Society Israel / Israel Space Stamp Collectors Society Jerusalem-Israel
Jackson / Goldblum
Jackson Covers / C. Chickering
James Lee Roth
Japan Stamp Publicity Association
JapanCover [numbered]
(Cachet by) Jerryscovers
Jill (German)
Jim Butcher (artist associated with Fleetwood cachets)
Joseph J. FrasketiJJF
Joseph L. Bianchini
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Stamp Club (NASA) (Jim Rose, La Canada CA)JPL
Japan Philatelic SocietyJPS / JPS / JPS / JPS
JPS Space Stamp Club (Japan Philatelic Society)JPS
Johnson Space Center (NASA, Houston TX)JSC
C.G. Junior III
Ken Boll/Cachet Craft / Ken Boll/Cachet Craft
(Ken Boll) Cachet Craft Cover Service / (Ken Boll) Cachet Craft Cover Service (Milburn NJ)
Kenick Covers [numbered]
Kennedy Space Center Philatelic Society / Kennedy Space Center Philatelic Society
(NASA) Kennedy Space Center, Western Launch Operations DivisionNASA KSC-WLOD
(NASA) Kennedy Space Center, Western Operations Support OfficeNASA KSC-WOSO
Kniga / Kniga
KSC Philatelic Society
K.M.C. Venture / K.M.C. Venture
Kolor Kover
Korea Post CorporationKPC
Koslow (artist associated with Fleetwood cachets)MC
Kribbs Kover / Kribbs Kover (Jekyll Island GA)
Kurt Schoen (New Hyde Park NK 11040)K. S.
G. Lavedrine
LINN COunty (NY) Philatelic society EXpositionLinncopex
LINcoln (NE) Philatelic society EXpositionLinpex
(Espace) Lollini / (Espace) Lollini / (Espace) Lollini (Nice, France)
Lou Jac
Lunar Voyage Cachets (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
LUdhiana (city) Philatelic (club) EXpositionLupex
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Stamp Club
L.W. Staehle (designer) / L.W. Staehle/Cachet Craft
M-unknown / M-unknown
Malta Post
Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) Stamp ClubMSC / MSC
The Manned Spaceflight Cover SocietyMSCS
MANchester (CT) Philatelic expositionManPhil
Masonic Stamp Club of N.Y. / Masonic Stamp Club of New York
Max Planck Geselleshaft (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)MPE
Mercury (PO Box 5, Watford)M
Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm-EntwicklungsRing NOrd (ERNO) PhilatelieMBB-ERNO
Memphis Collectibles ?MC
The Meter Digest (Waukegan IL)
MICHIgan Philatelic EXpositionMichipex
MILwaukee (Philatelic Society) COunty Philatelic EXpositionMilcopex
B. Minne
Mission 57 (Jim Roth)M57
Milestones of Flight Commemorative Series number (Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum) [numbered] (Washington DC)MoF
M? N?MN / MN / MN / MN
Motorola Stamp Club Cachet
Mystic Stamp Company
N-?N / N
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (meatball) / National Aeronautics and Space Administration (worm)NASA
NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club / NASA Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club
NASA Philatelic Documentation
NASa COMmunications NetworkNASCOM
Nat EttinghoffNE
The National Cash Register Company (Dayton OH)NCR
NEw Britain (CT) Philatelic EXpositionNebpex
R.E. Nichol Handcrafted Covers
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationNOAA
Nippon ??NCC / NCC / NCC / NCC
Nippon ??NFC
NOAA Space Philatelic Society (Jesse Rodriquez, Suitland MD)
Naval Research LaboratoryNRL
Nederlandse Vereniging van PostzegelhandelarenNVPH / NVPH
New York Postmaster's Office ?NYPO
Officine GalileoOG
Officiel FDC
Orbit Covers (William Ronson, Bronx NY)
Éditions P.A.C. (Soissons, Aisne, France)PAC
Pakistan Post / Pakistan Post Office
Panda Cachets
(Éditions) G. Parison & B. Regnier
PArk FORest (IL) philatelic EXpositionParforex
Paslay Classic Cachets
Paul Calle
Paul Calle and Chris Calle
Postal Commemorative Society / Postal Commemorative Society / PCS golden-replicaPCS
Pent Arts
Petosky artist cachet / Lou Holowasko
David Peterman
Philatelie Spatiale Kourou
Piétri Mare
Polar Covers
Populaer Filateli (blue) / Populaer Filateli (red and blue)
Postal Progress Series
Posterijen Suriname
Pretty Girl cachets [numbered]PG
space philatelic exposition, 1985Philespace
Premier Jour / Premier Jour d'Emission Historique FDC no. [numbered]PJ
Pugh Cachets Inc.
QC GraphicsQC
Rank velvet, silkscreened, and printed [no logo] (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
Rank II (velvet) [no logo] (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
J (John) Ranto (Hamilton Township NJ)
Radio Corporation of AmericaRCA
Reader's Digest (flying horse) / Reader's Digest (flying horse)
Red Eagle
Riser [see also Andromeda and Cygnus]
Robert C. Graebner Chapter #17, AFDCS / Graebner Chapter
ROchester (NY) Philatelic EXpositionRopex
Rockwell International (Space Transportation Systems Division)
British? Philately? Cotswold Philatelic Association?BPCPA
Rockwell Space Division Stamp ClubRSDSC
RODIA / RODIA / RODIA Taranto Ferrovia???
Roma / Roma (L. Fraschetti)
Ron Miller
Ross silver foil
Rochester (NY) Philatelic AssociationRPA
Rocket Research Institute (Glendale CA)RRI
Royal / Royal / Royal
RUMford (ME) philatelic EXpositionRumex
S&T Cachets (Tom O'Hagan)S&T
??? (Eddie Mendlowitz, with Swanson artwork)SAC
(Clyde) C. Sarzin / Sarzin metallic (Port Washington, Long Island NY)
Schering / Schering / Schering Corporation Limited / Schering Corporation Limited (Pointe Claire, Quebec)
Standard Elektrik Lorenz (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Elektrik_Lorenz)SEL
Sérigraphie de Zaster
Seven Seas (Davisville RI)
(John) Shue / John Shue
Slovakia Post
Smartcraft / Smartcraft
Comité d'Entreprise de la Société Européenne de Propulsion, Section Philatélique / C.E. SEP Section Philatélie / C.E. SEP Section Philatélique / C.E. SEP Association Philatélique (SEP was bought by SNECMA in 1997)SEP
Sociedad Filatélica?SFC
Sokolsky [orientation may vary]
Solar Covers [numbered] (Roger Jarrell, Huntington WV)
Space City Cover Society (Jack McMahan, Houston TX)SCCS
Space Coast Philately (Inc., Angelo Taiani, Cape Canaveral FL)SCP
Space Coast Philatelic Society (Florida)SCPS
Space Master / Space-Master [numbered]
Space Medal Cover / Space Medal Cover
Space Voyage [see also InterSpace Cover] (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
SpaceCraft / SpaceCraft - Swanson / C. Swanson / C. Swanson (Carl Swanson and Joe Fitzpatrick, Huntington WV)
Spartan / Spartan / Spartan / Spartan
Spectrum CoversS
Spurgeon [numbered]
STAMP EXposition (Salem OR)Stampex
STAR (European consortium of companies under contract to the European Space Agency)
C. Stephen Anderson
Steve Wilson Design (signature) and Steve Wilson Design (logo) / Steve Wilson Design (signature and logo)
STaten Island Philatelic EXpositionStipex
SUNneyvale (CA) Philatelic EXpositionSunpex
SUburban (collectors club of Chicago IL) Philatelic EXpositionSupex
Sun Craft
(James) Szostek / Szostek (El Paso TX) [see also White Sands Missile Range (WSMR)]
Texture Craft (Robert G. Rank, Union NJ)
Tidbinbilla Deep Space Communication ComplexTDSCC
THAMES (Stamp Club) Philatelic EXpositionThamespex
Therome Cachet / Therome CachetsTC / TC
C. Thompson
Titusville Moonport Stamp Club (circular logo) / Titusville-Moonport Stamp Club / official commemorative cover / Titusville Moonport Stamp Club (rubber-stamp)
Tre Stelle / Tre Stelle / Tre Stelle (three stars)
Thompson Ramo Wooldridge (Inc.) Systems GroupTRW
Tudor House
Turkey PTT
Unicover Corporation (Cheyenne WY)
United NationsUN
United Nations Postal Administration (New York NY)UNPA
United States Air ForceUSAF
United States Postal ServiceUSPS
United States SteelUSS
Universal Ship Cancellation Society [numbered, and dated]USCS
Van / Van
Vandy Covers (rubber-stamp; Chi-Mei (Jim) Peng, Gene Schlimmer, Edward Colburn; Vandenberg AFB, CA)
Velvatone (A.W. Dargis)
Venetia / Venetia (Venetia FD covers information / Venetia FD covers information / Venetia FD covers information)
Virgil Crow
Wakefield CompanyW. Co. / W. Co.
(Mae) Weigand
Wildy (Warren P. Wildermuth)
Winfred M. GrandyWMG
WALworth COunty (Stamp Club) Philatelic EXposition (Lake Geneva WI)Walcopex
WAterloo (IA, Cedar Valley Stamp Club) philatelic EXpositionWATEX
Weapons Research Establishment (Woomera SA)WRE
WEltRAum Briefmarken Ausstellung (space stamp exhibition)WERABA
WCS Wesley First Day Cover / Wesley Cover ServicesWCS
Western Electric stamp and coin club (Kearny NJ) Philatelic EXpositionWepex
Western Heritage Association (Hacienda Heights CA)
WESTern Philatelic EXposition (San Francisco CA)Westpex
Western Silk Cachet [numbered]W
(Robert B. "Bob") Whitney [no logo] (Florida)
World Stamp Expo 2000WSE2000
W N Wright
WSMR Cover (White Sands Missile Range) [numbered] (US Army) (El Paso TX) [see also Szostek]WSMR
World Federation of United Nations Associations CachetWFUNA
Zaso (Yonkers NY) [see also IASP]Z
Statistics: ~500 cachet logo images

1A logo is text, an acronym, a drawing, or a symbol (or some combination of them) that identifies the manufacturer.
2A manufacturer may be referred to by an acronym based on its name. The acronym may or may not form all or a part of the manufacturer's logo. This column lists the manufacturers' acronyms known to the authors.

For two-sided postal materials, the following definitions of front and back apply:

For un-denominated stamp-like items that accompany postage stamps, the following definitions of label and tab apply:

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