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Un-Manned Satellites
on Banknotes and Coins

Below is a checklist of un-manned satellites on numismatic items (banknotes and coins). Catalog numbers, denominations, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the authors using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Some of the items below are also on satellite-specific pages. Other items, for which there are no satellite-specific pages, are only listed on this page.

CountryCatalog NumberDenominationYear of IssueNotes on Content
AntarcticaP6$100. (banknote)1996Nimbus-7 and ozone measurements
AntarcticaP13$100. (banknote)2001Nimbus-7 and ozone measurements
AustraliaKM1261$1. (aluminum-bronze coin)2009"Spirit" and "Opportunity" (rovers)
AustraliaKM1263$1. (aluminum-bronze coin)"Pioneer-10" and "Pioneer-11"
AustraliaKM1264$1. (aluminum-bronze coin)"Hubble" (HST)
AustriaKM310125 euro (silver-niobium coin)2003Unknown satellite mapping of town of Hall (possibly Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), on obverse)
AustriaKM313525 euro (silver-niobium coin)2006Galileo constellation (8 satellites depicted, on reverse)
AustriaKM317425 euro (silver-niobium coin)2009HST (on obverse), Galileo satellite (on reverse)
AustriaKM320425 euro (silver-niobium coin)2011MER (rover, on reverse)
BahamasKM171$5. (silver coin)1994SMM (10th anniv. Space Shuttle Challenger repaired)
CanadaP105$100. (banknote) back, also front2004Radarsat
China (People's Republic)Y86310 yuan (silver coin)1996DFH-3, DFH-1
China (People's Republic)Y86410 yuan (silver coin)1996TC / Doublestar
China (People's Republic)P910100 yuan (banknote), also reverse2015DFH-1 and Chang'e
China (People's Republic)KM209610 yuan (gold) coin reverse, also obverse2015DFH-1, Chang'e, and Yutu (lunar rover)
Cook IslandsKM1638 reverse$10. (silver coin), also obverse2012(partial) Full-disk satellite image
Cook IslandsKM1648 reverse$10. (silver coin), also obverse2012Full-disk satellite image
Cook IslandsKM-unknown$1. (silver coin)2014Full-disk satellite image
Cook IslandsKM-unknown$5. (silver coin), also obverse2016HST (shown with Space Shuttle "Discovery"); Unknown (shown with Space Shuttle "Atlantis")
HungaryKM690500 forint (silver coin)1992"Telstar-1" (30th anniv.)
IndiaP792 rupee (banknote)1983Aryabhata
IndiaP-unknown2000 rupee (banknote) back, also front2016"Mangalyaan"
Isle of Man (Great Britain)KM1002+KM1002a1 crown (copper-nickel and silver coins)1999"Mariner-9"
Isle of Man (Great Britain)KM1006+KM1006a1 crown (copper-nickel and silver coins)"Viking lander"
Isle of Man (Great Britain)KM1010+KM1010a1 crown (copper-nickel and silver coins)"Mars Pathfinder" (rover)
IsraelKM3711 new sheqel (silver coin)2003Ofeq-1/2 type
IsraelKM3722 new sheqalim (silver coin)AMOS
IsraelKM37310 new sheqalim (gold coin)EROS
MalaysiaP392 ringgit (banknote)1996Pioneer-10/11 type1
Marshall IslandsKM24$50. (silver coin)1989Sputnik-1: "first man-made satellite"
Marshall IslandsKM29$50. (silver coin)Luna-9: "first soft landing on the Moon"
Marshall IslandsKM30$50. (silver coin)Venera-3: "first probe of Venus"
Marshall IslandsKM51$50. (silver coin)1989Explorer-1 launch: "first American satellite"
Marshall IslandsKM54$50. (silver coin)Viking-1 orbiter and lander (not "first landing on Mars", as in text)2
Marshall IslandsKM55$50. (silver coin)Pioneer-11: "first flyby of Saturn" (10th anniv. Saturn flyby)
Marshall IslandsKM56$50. (silver coin)Pioneer-10: "first probe beyond the Solar System"
Marshall IslandsKM57$50. (silver coin)Pioneer-10: "first flyby of Jupiter"
MoroccoY1161/2 dirham (copper-nickel coin)2002SMM
NiueKM70$10. (silver coin)1992"Luna-9": "Moon landing"
Russia (USSR)Y1651 rouble (copper-nickel-zinc coin)1979Sputnik-1
RussiaY7083 rouble (silver coin)2000Sputnik-1
RussiaY10873 rouble (silver coin)2007Sputnik-1 (50th anniv.)
UkraineKM2045 hryvni (copper-nickel coin)2004Sich3, other un-identified satellite orbiting Earth
United StatesKM203 reverse$1. (copper-nickel coin), also obverse1974Earthrise
VanuatuKM1150 vatu (silver coin)1992"Voyager-1" (15th anniv.)

1Image of the satellite on this item has three identical booms, whereas Pioneer-10/11 type have only two such booms, the third boom being much longer and slimmer.
2Viking-1 was the first operational spacecraft to make a soft landing on Mars; the earlier Mars-3 landed on the red planet but died soon thereafter and so was considered non-operational.
3Sich was an Earth-orbiting environmental-observing satellite, going nowhere near the Moon's surface as shown on this coin.

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