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World Standards Day
(annually: 14 October)

Below is a checklist of World Standards Day (WSD) postal items (stamps, souvenir sheets, aerogrammes, postal cards, etc.). Catalog numbers, years of issue, and notes on the items featured are given when available. If readers know of additional information or images, please contact the author using the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Additional items are found on the ISO, IEC (and related-standards) page.

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World Standards Day (WSD)
(annually: 14 October)
Summary (by year of issue and WSD ordinal number)

CountryCatalog NumberType of ItemYear of IssueNotes on Content*
World Standards Day1 (annually: 14 October)
China (Taiwan)2066 (Mi1215)1977(8th) World Standards Day: Chinese quality mark
China (Taiwan)2067 (Mi1216)
Egypt (UAR)840 (Mi1005)1970(1st) World Standards Day: 25th anniv. ISO, 1945: standardization emblems
Egypt963 (Mi1171)1974(5th) World Standards Day: UN Day: emblems, cogwheel, calipers: ISO
Ethiopia1050 (Mi1136)1982(13th) World Standards Day: emblem, hand, foot, square: ESI
Ethiopia1051 (Mi1137)(13th) World Standards Day: emblem, scales: ESI
Ethiopia1052 (Mi1138)(13th) World Standards Day: emblem, rulers: ESI
Ethiopia1053 (Mi1139)(13th) World Standards Day: emblem, weights: ESI
Ethiopia1054 (Mi1140)(13th) World Standards Day: emblem: ESI
Great BritainNoneCancel on cover1970(1st) World Standards Day: ISO, IEC, BSI
Iran2200 (Mi2133)1985(16th) World Standards Day: National Standards Office emblem: ISO: ISIRI
Iran2692 (Mi2705)1996(27th) World Standards Day: two cogwheels, other industrial symbols
Iraq868 (Mi967)1978(9th) World Standards Day: map of Iraq, ruler, globe, emblem
Iraq869 (Mi968)
Iraq870 (Mi969)
Kuwait636 (Mi662)1975(6th) World Standards Day: measurement symbols: ISO, KSS
Kuwait637 (Mi663)
Kuwait1295 (Mi1427)1995(26th) World Standards Day: ISO, IEC, other emblems
Kuwait1296 (Mi1428)
Kuwait1297 (Mi1429)
Libya708 (Mi618)1977(8th) World Standards Day: emblems, coat of arms
Libya709 (Mi619)
Libya710 (Mi620)
Namibia1198 (Mi?)2010(41st) World Standards Day
Nigeria394 (Mi377)1980(11th) World Standards Day: kilogram scale, centimeter ruler, emblem
Nigeria395 (Mi378)(11th) World Standards Day: technician, quality control, emblem
Saudi Arabia852 (Mi758)1982(13th) World Standards Day: symbols, cogwheel
Sudan245 (Mi280)1972(1st) World Standards Day, 1970-10-14: emblems, measure: SSO
Sudan246 (Mi281)
Sudan247 (Mi282)
Syria789 (Mi1380)1977(8th) World Standards Day, 1977-10-14: measures, globe: ISO
Syria988 (Mi1576)1983(14th) World Standards Day: factory, ISO emblem: SASMO
Syria989 (Mi1577)(14th) World Standards Day: measuring equipment: ISO, SASMO

*World Standards Day and ISO General Assembly ordinal numbers given in parentheses are not specifically noted on items, but are based on year of issue.

1The date, 14 October, was chosen because it was on that day in 1946 that delegates from 25 countries first gathered in London and consequently decided to create a new international organization dedicated to the coordination and unification of standards work. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was officially formed one year later and it was at the prompting of an ISO President that the first World Standards Day was celebrated on 14 October 1970.

The table below is a Summary (by year of issue and WSD ordinal number) of the World Standards Day (WSD) postal items listed in the table immediately above. Included are the number of countries issuing WSD items, as well as the number of WSD items that were issued. WSD themes and slogans are also provided. This summary is also available in spreadsheet form.

Year of IssueWSD Ordinal NumberNumber ofWSD ThemeWSD Slogan
1970, including Sudan 245-2471st35
1972, except Sudan 245-2473rd00
198617th00International Standardization (Poster symbolizes what the standardization profession strives for in every project - to make pieces fit without constraints on choice or imagination.)
198718th00International Standardization (Poster shows an engineering component (a wing screw). Engineering drawing is part of the standard technical language itself. Rationalization and agreement should free the imagination from repetitive tasks, giving free rein to ideas and a practical basis for implementation of technology.)
198819th00International standardization for light and lightingSpotlight on international standards
198920th00Standards for health technologyImproving health security
199021st00EnvironmentRestoring the environment
199122nd00SafetySafety at work
199223rd00Global tradeInternational standards: A key to open markets
199324th00Information technologyInformation management: Faster and better with global standards
199425th00ConsumersStandards and the consumer: Partners for a better world
199526th13TransportationA world on the move: International standards help transport people, energy, goods and data
199627th11ServicesRaising standards for services
199728th00TradeWorld trade needs worldwide standards
199829th00Standards in daily life
199930th00Standards in the construction industryBuilding on standards
200031st00International standards for peace and prosperityHarmony for prosperity
200132nd00EnvironmentThe environment and standards: Close together
200233rd00Standards and conformity assessmentOne standard, one test: Accepted everywhere
200334th00Information and communication technologiesGlobal standards for the global information society
200435th00Standards connect the world
200536th00Standards for a safer world
200637th00Standardization and small businessStandards: Big benefits for small business
WSD Theme and/or Slogan
200738th00Standards and the global village
200839th00Intelligent and sustainable buildings
200940th00Tackling climate change through standards
201041st11Standards and accessibility
201142nd00International Standards - Creating confidence globally
201243rd00Less waste, better results - Standards increase efficiency
201344th00International standards ensure positive change
201445th00Standards level the playing field
201546th00Standards, the world's common language
201647th00Standards build trust
201748th00Standards make cities smarter
201849th00International standards and the fourth industrial revolution
201950th00Video standards create a global stage
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