Collective Philatelic Works
(of Two Meteorologists)


This page has links to the collective philatelic works (in the topic areas below) of two meteorologists, Don Hillger (USA) and Garry Toth (Canada). Our goal is to build an online catalogue of topics of interest to us, to make it available to, and shared with anyone interested. Since these Web pages were started in 2001, they now include 297 pages (html files), over 36,000 images (jpg, gif, and png files), and ancillary information (pdf and xls files). This is a work in progress, and completeness is our goal, except where specific exceptions are noted. If readers know of additional information or images in these areas, please contact the authors using the e-mail addresses in the link at the bottom of this page.


Weather and
Climate Philately


Satellite Philately

metric system

Metric and Related-
Standards Philately

amateur radio shortwave radio

Amateur (Ham) Radio
and Shortwave Radio


Published Philatelic Articles
(including PDFs)
by the Authors

stamp authors

Biographical Sketches
for the Authors

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